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Keep yourself cool this summer


With new plantation shutters

Are you used to sweltering in your home during the summer? Plantation shutters are the perfect solution to combatting the sun and improving ventilation in your home. You don’t even have to sacrifice your privacy whilst doing so! Available in a variety of styles, plantation shutters are an attractive addition to any home.

Our plantation shutters are of the highest quality without the premium price and are made to measure by our experts in Poole. Contact us on 01202 741671 for more information.

Plantation shutters Improve ventilation without sacrificing privacy

As a nation, we are becoming increasingly obsessed with energy efficiency and conserving heat in our homes, be it through wall insulation or double glazing. However, whilst this is great for cutting down on your energy bills and keeping you cosy through winter, it can be more curse than blessing when the weather begins to heat up.

Whilst throwing open the windows of your bedroom or living room can seem like a logical solution to keeping cool, it’s not always practical. If you live in a city or your windows face onto roads or neighbours, then you might not want everyone being able to see you. The adjustable louvers on our plantation shutters come in a range of sizes and styles and offer you total control over both ventilation and your privacy.

Plantation shutters allow you control over light

Many forms of window shading don’t offer you the control over light you may desire. Curtains, for the most part, are either open or closed, whilst the adjustable louvers of your plantation shutters can be adjusted to allow as much or as little light into the room as you want. However, if you want to throw open your windows for a glorious view, you can do that too. Many of our window shutters have the option to be opened out like door to give you an unobstructed view out of your windows and allow in maximum natural light.

Are you interested in plantation shutters for your home this summer? We are your number one choice for shutters in Poole & Bournemouth, providing both excellent products and fitting services. Contact us on 01202 74671 to find out more.